Bring A "Mirror-Like" Finish To Almost Any Surface
The Polishing Pro System is different because it is the only system on the market that uses a combination of our patent pending polishing compound, with our specially designed and patent pending pad. When used in combination, our system actually POLISHES your stone. The result is that your stone will shine like when it was new, and it will last. This is not a 'top-coat' type of polish or wax that needs to be reapplied periodically. The more you polish your stone, the more it will shine!

Do I need special tools to polish my countertops?
The only tool that you need is a 5 inch omni-directional sander and a variable speed grinder. 

​I polished an Absolute Black countertop and it shines, but the black color has faded. What do I do?
Some stones have been dyed at the factory. Occasionally, it may be necessary to re-dye the stone to match the factory color. This is done using an iron oxide based dye. These can be purchase from most distributors.

What kinds of acids or chemicals are in the compound? Is it safe to use on marble?
There are absolutely no acids or chemicals in this product! It is completely safe to use on marble.

​I keep adding water to my slurry and it seems like it is taking too long to polish. Am I doing something wrong?
While it is important to add water occationally to keep the stone and pad cool, keep in mind that the actuall polishing of the stone takes place during the dry portion of the polishing. After you add water, continue to polish until the slurry dries. When it dries, continue to polish for a few minutes before adding more water. NOTE: ALWAYS MONITOR THE TEMPERATURE OF THE STONE AND PAD TO ASSURE THAT THEY DO NOT BECOME TOO HOT!

What kind of experience do I need?
None really. Anyone can do this. It is as simple as running a hand sander!