Bring A "Mirror-Like" Finish To Almost Any Surface
"Yes it was awesome to make those repairs that we were not able to make in the past!! The repair I did the following Monday went well and the customer was happy, even the Installation Manager that went with me was amazed what your system could do!!"

Mauri Tobias
Techincal Trainer
Granite Transformations
"WOW! That is amazing. I can't feel or see it..., 

Craig Walters
Granite Transformations
Jackson, WI
News and Reviews for Steve's Polishing Pro Systems, LLC
"i cant imagine better customer service and promptness from a company,Braxton-Bragg are outstanding... your pads and compound work flawlessly will know even more after my next two schedule jobs..! thanks so much!"

great barier coatings
paso robles, CA
"We use your product all the time, we love it! We had a scratch in blue pearl and it took it right out!"

Granite America, inc.
Louisville, KY
"Yes we did buy saved our butts the first time we used it. Had a bad scratch in an Absolute Black counter, usually would have to replace it. but your system worked great!"

Barry D.
Brooking, OR